Lambda StakePool

Malaysia First Cardano Stake Pool!

  • Highly Secure
  • Run by Dedicated Stake Pool Operators
  • Open to ALL

Why stake with us?

Malaysia’s very first Cardano stake pool!

Lambda Stakepool is run by The Lambda Society, a group of Cardano enthusiasts in Malaysia who started it as a grassroots initiative to increase ADA adoption locally through our stakepool

  • We’re dedicated to being an amazing operator for our delegators and will strive to provide 99.99% uptime for our stakepools.
  • Dedicated Operators - We understand that our pool might not earn as much as the larger pools at the moment, but isn’t that the point of decentralization? We’re dedicated operators and we appreciate every single delegator!
  • Open for all - Crypto has no race or religion, and neither does Lambda. We’re open to any and all Cardano enthusiasts who are looking to secure the blockchain through stakin

Join us on this journey to explore the 3rd Generation Blockchain

Pool Details

Started in early 2021, we’ve already hit the 250k mark and we’re going strong! We’re targeting to be a 500k pool by Q1 2021 and eventually be able to offer consistent returns on your ADA delegations.

Always On

Our pool will be up every single second of the year. We’re dedicated to give you our best in return for your trust!
To achieve this we utilize Exclusive Private Relays, High Speed Internet and have Failover IP routing to ensure maximum connectivity

Minimal Fees

Our fees are set on a moderate 2.5% + 340 fixed (standard fixed fee) so we can cover our basic costs and have a little left over to make our pool sustainable. With that, know that most if not all of the rewards are paid to our delegators.

High Performance

Our servers are setup on Enterpise Grade Infrastructure housed in a Datacentre using NVMe SSD's and ECC RAM and have Daily Automatic Backups



Stake Goals

500,000 ADA Live stake by Feb 2021.
We want to eventually reach 2M ADA by this year


Future Goals

New pool setup once previous pools are saturated.Third pool’s profit will be donated 100% to charity


Spread the Knowledge

Organize Crypto Introduction Session. Build a meaningful community across platforms and crypto projects

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the minimum amount to stake?

    1 ADA + 2 ADA Deposit for delegation that you’ll get back when you unstake + fees.

  • No. You can unstake anytime. Your money, your rules. We’re merely here to facilitate the stability of the Cardano blockchain as the first stakepool run by Malaysians!

  • There are two answers to this. The short answer — give or take 5-8% depending on how many blocks we mint, and how many transactions are in the minted blocks.

  • We charge a flat 2.5% on what you make. If you make 100 ADA, we only take 2.5 ADA.

  • To be honest, we’re supporters of ADA and we think it’ll go places in the future. To us, it has an amazing use case and will definitely be part of the crypto world that will materialize sometime in the future.

  • Well, the whole idea of staking your funds across many pools is to secure the blockchain as a community. Yes, you could stake with larger pools and earn returns on a more stable basis, but over the long run, your returns will even out with a small pool as well, making it comparable to a larger pool. It’s consistency vs quantity. At the moment of writing, IOHK is going to reduce the saturation point even further and unstake their ADA to ensure new stakes are more diversified across smaller pools as well. Staking with us, well. It makes you part of the bigger picture, and we thank you for that.

  • If you’re looking for a full node wallet, use Daedalus Wallet. Otherwise, use Yoroi if you want to have a wallet on your mobile phone.

  • Your funds never leave your wallet, you’re merely delegating your voting power by owning ADA to the pool. Our pool is set up with the strictest security protocols to ensure the highest standard of safety for our delegators along with 99.99% uptime.